The Year of the River
Fender Blues Junior Guitar Amp

Fender Blues Junior

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Vintage blues tube tones and Fender bell-like chime!

This little amp kicks some serious butt. It's only a 15 watts amp with a 12 inch speaker, so I wasn't expecting volume to be much. I was surprised to find out it's a very loud amp! But at the end of the day, it's the tone that's the most amazing feature. You can dial in a real vintage Fender sound that really cuts though a mix. In live situations, I have found this amp can easily play over a drum kit, even with an aggressive drummer and still have a fair amount of headroom and hold a clean "bell-like" Fender tone.

This amp provides a great foundation for your pedals and effects. The overdrive on this amp naturally produces a real "throaty" sound found on vintage Fender amps, but it's real quality is in it's clean tone. For that reason I prefer to use a Voodoo Lab Sparkle Drive for my overdrive tones.

At the moment this amp is completely stock. I may consider a few modifications to it such as a more vintage style speaker (maybe a Jensen or Eminance) NOS tubes or a vintage transformer from Mercury, but it sounds fine as-is.

The controls are basic on this amp, Master Gain, Volume, Bass, Middle, Treble, and Reverb. It also includes a "Fat" switch, which I pretty much keep in the "on" position at all times.