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Marshall AVT50 Valvestate Guitar Amp

Marshall AVT 50

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Vintage Marshall tube tones with solidstate reliability!

Marshall combined a 12AX7 preamp tube section with a solid state output section to capture the full sonic range of a vintage tube amp. For my work in the studio and the occational gig, this two channel amp is very versatile. I can capture that "dirty clean" sound I prefer for southern rock and country sounds on the clean channel, and then kick in the overdrive channel to get a much heavier sound for soloing with endless sustain!

The clean channel really helps cut my Stratocaster and Telecaster through any mix. I actually prefer the tone of this clean channel over my Fender Blues Jr amplifier, since the clean channel on my Marshall is a bit smoother and adds some of that Marshall "dirt" even at lower volumes. Until recently, I've been purely using the overdrive channel for my leads on this Marshall. I switched to using a Voodoo Lab Sparkle Drive for my overdrive tones since it provides me even more tonal controls and options.