The Year of the River
Vox Valvetronix AD15VT Modeling Amp

Marshall AVT 50

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Awesome emulation of vintage blues tube sounds!

This a great little amp that introduced me to Valvestate technology (tube preamps with solidstate output). I recieved this as a gift and thought I was just going to use it as a practice amp. I found a ton of uses for it in the studio. This amp "models" a variety of vintage amps, and not all of them are Vox amps. There are settings in there for Marshall, Fender and Mesa Boogie too!

At 15 watts of power, compared to my 15 watt Fender Blues Junior amp, is not as powerful from a volume perspective, it's not powerful enough to be heard over an aggressive playing drummer, but from a tone perspective, I have found this to be a handy amp. It's comes very close to emulating a vintage Fender sound as does my Reissue Fender Blues Junior!