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Voodoo Labs Sparkle Drive

Voodoo Lab Sparkle Drive

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Vintage Tube Screamer Tones!

Two unique features of the Sparkle Drive is the ability to combine a clean sound with an overdriven signal and the ability to adjust the tone of the overdrive signal From dark, warm throaty overdrive to bright sparkling high gain sound.

I typically set my Sparkle Drive to get a warm crunch sound. I keep my settings at:

Gain: 7 - This is the main control for the overdrive signal. Classic TS808 tube screamer tone.

Tone: 8 - Set towards "0" for a warm "throaty" SRV sound. Set towards "10" for a brighter sound.

Clean: 4 - This controls the mix between the clean and overdrive signals. A unique way to manage the clarity of your tone

Volume: 3 - Overall master volume

These settings get tweaked a bit based on the guitar...warmer for a Fender, brighter for a Gibson.

You can hear these settings on the Gibson ES-135 used on the song "Just a Few More Minutes" and the Fender Telecaster on "By Your Side" in the music section