The Year of the River

Fender Telecaster Baja Fender Baja Telecaster '57 Reissue Electric Guitar
Country twang with a jazzy punch!
This is a Fender Custom Shop design with a Broadcaster pickup in the bridge and a twisted tele pickup in the bridge. This guitar also includes the S1 phase switch for additional color. The Desert Sand color and single-ply pickguard adds a real authentic vintage look to this guitar. [More...]
Fender Stratocaster 62 Reissue Fender Stratocaster '62 Reissue Electric Guitar
Rosewood neck with vintage spec pickups
This is the second 62 reissue I've purchased. The '62 design the best version of the strat Fender makes and the most popular. This is a great looking guitar. I'm currently using .11 gauge strings to fatten up the tone. It has a warmer sound then most typical strats due to the rosewood neck. [More...]
Fender Stratocaster 72 Reissue Fender Stratocaster '72 Reissue Electric Guitar
Big funky 70's Fender headstock, crystal clear, authentic strat sound!
Out of all my electrics, this is the guitar I'm most comfortable with. It has a true unmistakable Strat sound. With most Fender instruments, you buy the American guitars mainly as an investment. If you're looking for a real "players" guitar, don't shy from the Mexican made guitars. [More...]
Gibson ES-135 Gibson ES-135 Semi-Acoustic Guitar
Semi-acoustic hollowbody with special P-100 pickups providing vintage tone without the buzz!
Gibson reissued these guitars for a short time in the 90's. They originally are a design that was first sold in the late '50's. The '50s version had the original P-90 pick-ups. This version has the improved P-100's which are actually stacked humbuckers to fatten up the sound and cancel out the buzz thats usually associated with single coil pick-ups. [More...]
Agile AL-2000 Agile AL-2000
An Amazing, Affordable Les Paul Copy with a Classic Humbucker Sound
This guitar is getting quite a bit of playtime since it's arrival. For little over $200(US) this is a respectable sounding guitar that has the feel of a much more expensive guitar. It's definitly not a Gibson, but if you were in the market for an Epiphone Les Paul (Gibson's budget brand), this guitar blows away any of the Epiphones I compared it to. [More...]
Gibson Jumbo L4-A Gibson L-4A Jumbo Acoustic Guitar
That big full Americana Jumbo having a complete rythmn section in an acoustic box!
This is my main songwriting instrument. It has to sound good on this guitar or it doesn't get written. You can't beat the feel of this neck. I can transition seamlessly between this guitar and my Gibson ES-135 due to the similarity in neck design. The gold tuners and "mustache" bridge design give this beauty a ton of charactor. [More...]
Taylor214e Taylor 214e Acoustic Electric Grand Auditorium Guitar
A "grand" finger pickin' guitar that didn't cost a grand!
This is one of Taylor Guitar's more basic acoustic models. The Grand Auditorium body styles are prefered for finger picking since it's tonal charactoristics produce clear, very well defined notes. [More...]