The Year of the River
Agile AL-2000 Les Paul Copy

Fender Stratocaster 72 Reissue

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An Amazing, Affordable Les Paul Copy with a Classic Humbucker Sound


This guitar is getting quite a bit of playtime since it's arrival. For little over $200(US) this is a respectable sounding guitar that has the feel of a much more expensive guitar. It's definitly not a Gibson, but if you were in the market for an Epiphone Les Paul (Gibson's budget brand), this guitar blows away any of the Epiphones I compared it to. Plus, the comparable Epiphone Les Pauls (2- tone burst finish, body binding, grover tuners, etc) were in a much higher price range - $600(US) and up. The craftmanship was top rate. I haven't found any flaws in the finish or the build. I highly recommend playing a guitar in person before buying, but for the price, it's a worthwhile online purchase.

One modification I did do, was to file the fret ends down. Out of the box, the fret ends were a little sharp and had an unfinished feel to them. Rounding down the fret ends smooths them down giving the neck a more worn-in feel to it.

The guitar required only minor fine tuning and intonation when it first arrived. The bridge saddles have enough range to get the guitar set up well, but I have been experiencing some limitation on the "D" string. It still plays just slightly sharp since there isn't enough travel room to get it compesated correctly.

Performance Notes:

The guitar's tone really shines through when played through my Marshall AVT50 with some compression from my MXR Super Comp pedal. It really smokes when I kick in my Voodoo Lab Sparkle Drive Pedal.

Before the guitar arrived, I anticipated I would have to swap out the pickups for something more P.A.F. or Gibson Burstbucker-like, but adjusting the pick-up hieght to get a little more compressed sound and more volume, I'm actually quite happy with the sound. The guitar has a fun humbuckin' sound that cuts through a live mix well. When recording, I've been experiencing a slightly muddy overall tone, that requires a little EQ to bring a bit more clarity to the sound.


  This is my review of the Agile AL-2000 with sound samples of each pick-up setting, clean and overdriven. I'm playing through a Marshall AVT50 ValveState amp, Voodoo Lab Sparkle Drive and an MXR Super Comp Compressor.

Key Features:

  • 2-Tone Sunburst Finish
  • 13.75" Neck Radius
  • Wax potted ceramic humbucker pickups
  • Pickup specifications: Magnet : Ceramic D.C Ohm(K) : Neck - 7.60 Bridge - 8.40
  • Grover Die Cast tuners
  • 22 Jumbo 2.7mm frets
  • Single cutaway solid Mahogany arch top body
  • 10lbs