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Fender Stratocaster '62 Reissue

Fender Stratocaster 62 Reissue

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Rosewood neck w/vintage spec pickups

This is the second 62 reissue I've purchased. The '62 design the best version of the strat Fender makes and the most popular. This is a great looking guitar. I'm currently using .11 gauge strings to fatten up the tone. It has a warmer sound then most typical strats due to the rosewood neck.

I play this guitar through my Marshall AVT50 ValveState amplifier using the overdrive channel going through my MXR Super Comp compression pedal and Voodoo Lab Sparkle Drive.

  This is a demo of me playing my Fender 62 Reissue Strat. I'm using the middle pickup position and playing through a Marshall AVT50 ValveState amp, Voodoo Lab Sparkle Drive and an MXR Super Comp Compressor. The backing track was created in ProTools.