The Year of the River
Fender Telecaster Baja Electric Guitar

Fender Telecaster Baja

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Country twang with a jazzy punch!

This is a Fender Custom Shop design with a Broadcaster pickup in the bridge and a twisted tele pickup in the bridge. This guitar also includes the S1 phase switch for additional color. The Desert Sand color and single-ply pickguard adds a real authentic vintage look to this guitar.

The neck is a soft V which is a bit fatter then most Fender necks. At times you feel like you're swinging a baseball bat rather then slinging a guitar. The twisted tele pickup in the bridge position sounds more like a humbucker then a single coil.

At first, I was also a bit hesitant to go with the vintage style three-saddle bridge because of intonation concerns. I have not had ANY problems in regards to the intonation. The three brass bridge saddles adds a chiming sustain and brings back a unique vintage tone thats missing from the newer telecasters.

You can hear this guitar on the song "By Your Side" in the Music section.

  This is a sample of me playing my Fender Baja Telecaster. I'm using the bridge (broadcaster style) pickup position and playing through a Fender Blues Jr Amp, Voodoo Lab Sparkle Drive and an MXR Super Comp Compressor.