The Year of the River
Gibson Jumbo L4-A Acoustic Guitar

Gibson Jumbo L4-A

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That big full Americana Jumbo sound...Like having a complete rythmn section in an acoustic box!

This is my main songwriting instrument. It has to sound good on this guitar or it doesn't get written. You can't beat the feel of this neck. I can transition seamlessly between this guitar and my Gibson ES-135 due to the similarity in neck design. The gold tuners and "mustache" bridge design give this beauty a ton of charactor.

I usually play this guitar directly through my PA for live gigs. I go through a Fishman Aura Acoustic Modeling Pedal to really enhance the sound quality by simulating a high quality mic being placed in frount of the guitars sound hole. For recording purposes, I use two stereo matched Samson Stereo Condenser Microphones placed about 6 inches from the sound hole to get a full sound that captured up the details of the fingers on the fretboard and the pick on the strings.